Kitchen Appliances that Make Cooking Easy

December 30, 2020

Kitchen Appliances that Make Cooking Easy

Our lives are hard enough already to have to deal with endless cooking hours to make a proper meal for our families. We know you’re on a tight schedule; we know we are, but we’ve figured out that going back into the kitchen is not only good for you and your loved ones, it’s a necessity.

Thankfully technology is on our side, and we can use a wide variety of appliances to cook faster, healthier, and cheaper.

We’re sure you already own a microwave oven, but you might not be using it to its fullest. Perhaps you have a slow-cooker crammed somewhere in the closet, and if not, consider getting one.

Read on to know all about the most useful kitchen appliances you can get to cooking for your family quick and easy.

The Microwave Oven, an affordable friend

Microwave ovens work by shooting electromagnetic radiation to your food in, well, microwaves. Molecules in your food get agitated and start trembling, creating heat.

The magic box we call a microwave got a bad reputation; instantly heating stuff must have its downsides, right? Well, time has taught us that microwaves are OK to use, and they’re not only great for reheating leftovers and making popcorn, but you can also cook with them.

You can make any baked food in a microwave, from homemade lasagna to potato chips (fat-free!), to stuffed bell peppers, the sky’s the limit! Look for microwave recipes online, and you’ll find tons of options. The microwave will allow you to cook complete meals in minutes, saving some of your precious time.

Electric Slow Cookers, patient kitchen helpers

Slow cookers are completely different appliances; they cook food in a controlled, steady environment allowing you to leave food (relatively) unattended with the guarantee that it won’t burn.

Meat stews, vegetable soups, chicken broth, and many other comforting meals are ideal for a Crockpot or electric slow-cooker. Follow the instructions, set the timer, adjust the temperature, and come back after two, three, or even eight hours.

Many people cook their meals overnight or while they’re at work, and these are not ordinary dishes, they’re often of incredible quality and are loaded with nutrients.

It takes a few trials to get slow cooking right, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll never want to cook any other way.

The Air fryer, the new thing

Air fryers are marvelous appliances; they “fry food” by circulating hot air around them, creating golden-brown crusts similar to the ones formed in deep-fried foods.

Let’s face it, none of us own industrial deep-fryers, and a deep pan with sixteen ounces of cooking oil to fry chicken nuggets is wasteful. The result is often soggy, fat-saturated food. If this sounds like something you’ve done, an air fryer is for you.

Instead of using lots of cooking oil, you only need to add a spoonful of oil to air fry to perfection French fries, pastries, and even meat. You’ll consume around 75% less fat making your meals healthier; besides, air fryers do all the work for you.

To wrap it up

You don’t have to spend a fortune or spend all day in the kitchen to cook healthy, flavorful food for your family. With the help of kitchen appliances, you can get great results in half the time, and we know you value your time. Fewer cooking hours mean more time to spent with your keen.

Written By Ripcee

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Written By Ripcee



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