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February 22, 2020

How to Engage Kids with Cooking

Cooking doesn’t have to be a chore; it’s soothing and relaxing once you learn to enjoy it. Cooking is a creative endeavor too, and you should get your family involved, especially the small ones. Cooking it’s one of those skills that will help your kids through their lives, and we bet they’ll have fun learning it.

The problem is that we’re used to keeping children away from the kitchen for obvious reasons; it can be dangerous with all the knives, and fire, and all. There’s good news, there are ways to make cooking, not only fun but safe. Here are a few recommendations for you.


Teach Your Kids the Art of Ensemble

Cooking is mostly about putting things that taste good together, and there’s a lot of room for experimentation. If you have small children, have them help you put together a salad, for example. You can chop all the veggies but let them do the final mix. Teach your kids about combining colors and textures, about different flavors and how they taste together.

You can have your kids make their own granola mix too, which they can later enjoy during breakfast. Let them throw in nuts, oats, small marshmallows, and chocolate chips; they’ll not only fall in love with helping in the kitchen, but they’ll also earn a sense of pride in their creations.


Teach Your Kids How to Make Things Pretty

It might not be much help, but your kids can help you plate and garnish their meals. If they learn that food must not only be tasty but look nice, they’ll have a new perspective about cooking.

From topping chicken gravy with parsley leaves to decorating cookies, adding the final touches of a dish is not only easy and safe, but it’s also fun. Let your kids top their mini pizzas, combining the two previously learned skills, assembling a dish and making it pretty.


Teach Your Kids About Amounts and Timing

Your kids might not be ready to handle a knife or put baking trays in the oven, but they can help you measure ingredients and keep track of cooking times. If you’re making cookies, for example, teach them how to use a scale and measuring cups, and have them measure every ingredient, form milk to flower.

When it’s time to bake the cookies, explain them how to use your phone chronometer and put them in charge of letting you know when the 10 minutes have passed. Of course, take care of the oven yourself.


Show Your Kids to Respect the Ingredients

Now more than ever, cooking is about respecting the ingredients and letting nothing go to waste. Take your kids to the farmer’s market and let them meet the people behind every tomato and carrot. Have them choose the vegetables in the supermarket and watch them develop a sustainable perspective.

If you can, show your children how scraps and peels become compost, how eggshells give calcium to the ground, and how veggies become earth. With this lesson, you’ll be doing your kids and the entire world a favor.


Cooking is About Caring

At the end of the day, if your children understand that cooking is an act of love, that cooking is about caring for their family, you’ll know your work is done. You won’t have any problem getting your kids involved in kitchen matters and other house chores from now on.

Please don’t wait, do your kids a favor and get them cooking!

Written By Ripcee

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Written By Ripcee


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